Album: Wau Wau Collectif – Yaral Sa Doom

The journey of western musicians toward the global south is not by any means a recent
phenomenon and more specifically the numerous musicians entranced by the rhythms of Senegal.
Such as the seminal Power Spot of Jon Hassell and more recently Jack Wyllie’s Paradise Cinema.

Where Wau Wau Collective sets its self apart from the above-mentioned examples is that it
accompanies an existing narrative rather than subverting the sonics for its own means. Pulsing
throughout the album that flows like a slightly eclectic compilation album is the sense of
community, that the function of music is its community. Rooted in the reality of the present over the
fantasy of the future.

The title says it all, educate the young in Wolof. In-between stern parables and reflective tales
delivered in a soundscaped journey that could at some points be out of African Scream Contests
funk compilations, lamenting vocal passages reminiscent of Salif Keita and dreamy playful lullabies
like a children’s show that one faintly remembers never watching. It would easily feel at home as
the soundtrack to a slightly psychedelic Senegalese version of Kirikou

Nothing imposes its self on this release, there are great moments of groove and serious moments
of reflection. Everything has its place, the world continues to turns on its self and this place in time
has its own village portrait, full of its hopes and worries. One wouldn’t expect anything less from
Sahel Sounds.

Yaral Sa Doom is out now – buy here.
Ralph Smit

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