Freda returns to Moonshoe Records with new EP

Freda floats back into the Moonshoe realm.

Always good to her new music from Freda.

The Sydney based producer floats back into the Moonshoe realm with his head in the clouds and feet firmly grounded. Roots run deep throughout these light footed steppers, but tread carefully.

As we enter, contemplative atmospheres and positive flourishes wash over broken drum work. Long neck, long beak, misunderstood bird? Show us the dance of your people. Perfectly mixing moods – allowing the listener to take a step back and enjoy the breeze in their hair or to dive deep deep down into the aquatics.

MSH010 is out now, listen below.


  1. Deterrence
  2. LMNZ
  3. Ibis Dance
  4. Caterpillar
  5. W.Z

MSH010 is out now – Grab a copy from Bandcamp.

Benny Toms

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