John Carroll Kirby – High ft. Eddie Chacon, Nailah Hunter

Photo by Sissy Sainte-Marie

A fresh dose of refrained soulful goodness from John Carroll Kirby.

This is the first bit of new music from John Carroll Kirby since the release of his Stones Throw debut, My Garden. The track called “High” features the soulful vocals of 90s R&B star Eddie Chacon, and performance of harpist Nailah Hunter. 

It’s a hypnotising, warm and elegant track which draws you in from the very start; Hunters enchanted strings dance around gracefully as Chacon’s vocal float above the glistening piano-led soundscape.

‘High’ is a song about missed opportunities. It’s a song about being too stoned to talk to someone you like, but also being too high on one’s own ego to lay prostrate to any spirit. – John Carroll Kirby

Enjoy below. Buy here.

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