Jackson Mathod ft. Harlequiin – Baba Yaga (TS Premiere)


Jackson Mathod is back with a new track ‘Baba Yaga’ which is the follow up to his Latin-infused cut, ‘Spanish Bifter’ which dropped last month.

‘Baba Yaga’ is a collaboration with producer extraordinaire Harlequiin, which explains the shuddering synths and glitchy electronic rhythms which lace the track. Needless to say, it is all rounded out by Mathod’s sumptuously swirling trumpet notes.

For me, Baba Yaga strikes the right balance between a tune people can dance to and also a harmonic foundation where I can be more experimental in my improvisation. Anything inspired by a witch who lives in a house with chicken legs is bound to be a bit crazy.” says Mathod about the track. 

The musical comrades met while playing for a covers band a few years ago and quickly struck up a friendship over their shared passion for the trumpet and love for electronic music.

We’re excited to give you the first play of Baba Yaga, and hopefully, there’s more like this on the way real soon.

CF Smith

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