Glasshopper – Sky Circle ft. Sylvia Silas (TS Premiere)

Glasshopper share new music.

Say hello to new London based genre-bending trio Glasshopper. The band consist of Jonathan Chung (saxophone/compositions), James Kitchman (guitar), and Corrie Dick (drums). 

With their debut album’ Fortune Rules’ around the corner they’ve shared the third and final single ‘Sky Circle’ from the upcoming LP.

‘Sky Circle’ is a delicate and subtle record, which features words sung by German vocalist Sylvia Silas (by the Persian poet Rumi of the same title). With improvisation at the heart of the song, the trio tears the sound into still silences, evoking a sound reminiscent of master musicians like ‘The Paul Motion Trio’. 

It’s a composition that unfolds itself slowly upon each listens. Revealing it’s many layers of intricate arrangments and production with each repeated play.

The track fleetingly reminds me at times of Bahla and Maria Chiara Argirò but Glasshopper is most definitely creating their own musical path.

A soothing and mesmerising track which requires your full attention.


1. Letters
2. Jenny
3. Sky Circle
4. Clydesdale intro
5. The Clydesdale
6. Birdwing
7. Ember
8. Build a Bridge
9. Glasshopper

Fortune Rules, is due on the 30th October via AMP Music & Records. Pre- order here.

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