Between The Cracks: Essential Releases You May Have Missed

Essential Releases You Need To Hear!

With so much good music coming through thick and fast, it’s easy for albums to drop online and go overlooked. No lengthy write-ups as who reads those anyway? We keep it short and to the point because you’re here to listen to the music! Check out our weekly mini-guide below and if you like what you hear, click the links and support the artists.

Duo Brothers – Duo Brothers

Raw Tapes just dropped the self-titled debut album by the Duo Brothers. Consisting of longtime Raw Tapes family member drummer Sol Monk and legendary guitar/bass player Yonatan Levy the pair come through with an album full of genre-busting creations. A match made in heaven, the connection between the pair has sprouted a super chilled collection that travels instrumentally through groovy beats, and sweet minimalistic melodic riffs that take in ecstatic moments of jazz, R&B and psychedelics. The thirteen-track album features a band including Elyasaf Bashari (bass), Shaul Eshet, Yonatan Daskal, and Nomok (keys) as well as Avishai Cohen and Arad Yeini (trumpet). A patient, slowly unfurling album that delicately takes it time from the first note to the last.


Misha Panfilov Sound Combo – Days As Echoes

The incredibly prolific Misha Panfilov cooks up a new treat to delight our ears. Refreshingly different Days As Echoes twists and turns over six tracks that span Krautrock, library music, with touches of jazz, Ethiopian, cinema, ambient and little bits of everything between. With seemingly so many projects on the go, you’d think the quality might drop off here and there, but Panfilov’s creative well runs very deep indeed. The consistent quality of his output is on a par with hard-working composers and musicians such as Greg Foat and Tenderlonious, and this new record is about as perfect, as you can get.


Naima Shalhoub feat. Excentrik – SIPHR

A deep and beautiful courtesy of Naima Shalhoub. Recorded at Women’s Audio Mission in San Francisco, her studio debut LP explores the mystical meanings of siphr (sih-pher) which means zero in Arabic, and the meanings of numbers 1-9, life’s continuities, that are contained in the siphr. The nine-song album is a collaboration between Shalhoub and Excentrik who create a heavenly mixture of jazz, soul, American blues, with classical and contemporary Arabic music. Joining them in the album are Ed Baskerville on cello and Marcus Shelby on bass. Well worth a listen.


Nat Birchall – Mysticism Of Sound

Mellow, soothing music to ease you into the weekend! Every note of every instrument heard across Mysticism Of Sound is played by Birchall and is just perfect in every way possible. Headphones on and get ready to sink deep into nine blissful excursions of meditative jazz from the always magical Nat Birchall!


Also, check out Upright Living – Nat Birchall meets Al Breadwinner.

Jyoti – Mama, You Can Bet!

The wonderfully talented Georgia Anne Muldrow is back under her one-woman jazz ensemble alias Jyoti, with Mama, You Can Bet!. The new album sees Muldrow taking on all instrumental, production and recording duties herself, except for saxophonist Lakeica Benjamin on ‘Ra’s Noise’. Unlike the previous two records, this album contains tracks with vocals Muldrow. With her jazz roots on full display, two of the many highlights include her remixes of works by Charles Mingus, ‘Beemoanable Lady Geemix’ and ‘Fabus Foo Geemix’. Every track oozes class and part of Muldrow’s allure over the years is her effortless musical versatility, keeping the listener surprised with a perpetual fondness to move between hip-hop, funk, R&B, soul and beyond. The closer ‘Cowrie Waltz‘ is a fine example of the unpredictability of her music. Mixing swinging hard bop, and loungy blues with an ear-splitting guitar solo. Like everything, she touches this album hits a bit different than the rest!


R.A.P. Ferreira – purple moonlight pages

When you can sell vinyl copies of an album that has been available for free on streaming services for months, for $77, you know you’re doing something right. We haven’t featured R.A.P Ferreira on the site for a while, but we’re putting that right today with his potent new project titled purple moonlight pages. Musically this album veers towards the jazzy vibes of Digable Planets and Freestyle Fellowship while lyrically Ferreria is at the very top of his game with his rhymes constantly hitting home. Hooking up with the Jefferson Park Boys is also an inspired move as they provide varied and richly layered soundscapes across the collection. Overall an incredibly clever, engaging and most of all, fun listen. What’s not to like?


Radius Etc – SEEN

I recently came across this new release from Radius Etc via MIMS, and it’s been on repeat ever since. Having loved his last two projects, both utterly unique and widely different listening experiences, I was eagerly awaiting to see in what direction his music would next travel. Inspired by dub, roots, Nyabinghi, and Gnawa, as well as his travels to places like Ethiopia, Jamaica, Nigeria, Morocco and beyond this new one from Radius Etc, is best enjoyed with headphones.



Gavsborg – Jamaican Drum Machine

It’s a hat trick of boundary-busting releases from Gavsborg. The follow up to Quality Time Sound System is as vibrant and striking as the EP’s artwork. Blending elements of jazz, hip-hop and electronic with dancehall, Jamaican Drum Machine offers five highly creative and diverse set of tunes we’ve heard in a while. Stream below, and keep a lookout for more wonderful sounds from Gavsborg!



Island Sounds from Japan 2009-2016 – Various Artist

Time Capsule boss, DJ and curator, Kay Suzuki comes correct once again with this utterly fantastic compilation. Digging into lesser-known Japanese music made between 2008 and 2016 the five songs on the comp cover jazz, dance, surf, reggae, psych, afrobeat, with tropical island flavour. The highlights for me are ‘City of Aleppo’ and ‘City of Dub’ by Keichi Takanka. Two vastly different versions of the same track both contrast of sounds are ear-pleasingly good. Don’t miss out! (shout outs to Oli Brunetti for the tip). 



Sisanda, Josh Doughty, Murmurate – Phambili

A truly worldwide affair as Welshman Josh Doughty, Englishman, Jasper Trim and South African Sisanda Myataza come together to create this enchanting first track called, Phambili meaning forward in isiXhosa, a widely spoken tongue in South Africa. Soundtracked by soothing African harp and delicate percussion which create an immersive atmosphere, add those delicate vocals of Myataza and just forget everything for five minutes, and let it all go.


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