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New & Noteworthy Releases.

With so much good music coming through thick and fast, it’s easy for albums to drop online and go overlooked. No lengthy write-ups as who reads those anyway? We keep it short and to the point because you’re here to listen to the music! Check out our weekly mini-guide below and if you like what you hear, click the links and support the artists.


Duval Timothy – Help

The press release says that Duval Timothy’s new album titled Help is his most ambitious work to date, which is a pretty bold statement as the multi-disciplinary artist never does anything by halves. With a resume that that list painting, music, photography, sculpture, design, food, video and textiles as his many talents his work is always ambitious and far-reaching.  However, as it turns out that description is spot on. Over 18 tracks with guest features from the likes of Mr. Mitch, Dave Okumo, Twin Shadow, Lil Silva, Melanie Faye and more this is truly an epic body of work. Described by Timothy as an album about “loving and believing in yourself to be better,” the record explores mental health, the music industry and the healing he found through friendship and collaboration. Duval Timothy is such an amazing talent and Help is a huge step up from his previous album, ‘2 Sim’ which set a pretty high bar in the first place. I’m pretty sure that no other album this year will make you think and hurl you through so many emotions as this one. Might have to revise our ‘Album Of The Year’ again!



Charles Tolliver – Connect

Trumpeter and Strata-East Records head Charles Tolliver makes a welcome return with his first studio album in 13 years, titled ‘Connect’ on Gearbox Records. Recruiting some of NYC’s finest players as well as our very own Binker Golding this is essential listening. Four exceptional post-bop recordings that are just so easy and satisfying to listen to you’ll never have a problem playing this record over and over again. Seriously just listen and you’ll hear what I’m talking about!



Loure – Outta 106 

The first release from freshly minted label Nothin Personal, comes from label curator and founder, ‘Loure’. The Melbourne producer packs in jazz, breakbeat, house and more across 6 tracks. From the uplifting piano, and soulful vocals found on Rotate’ to the broken-beat groove of ‘Heavyweight Sinner’ and the elevating ambiance, emotive strings and sax of closing track ‘Talking Circles’, this first offering from the fledgling imprint has us eagerly awaiting their next move.



Low Flung – Outside The Circle

The second LP from Sydney visual artist and producer Danny Wild aka Low Flung features expertly crafted ambient techno with a heavy dub vibe. Featuring nine selected works further sketching out the private spaces of various tape explorations and live performances between 2018-2020. It’s a record you can both listen to carefully or casually in the background and still enjoy.



Bab L’ Bluz – Nayda!

Nayda! is a real treasure of an album, from a Moroccan-French quartet, Bab L’ Bluz, who are on a mission to reclaim the blues for North Africa. Fronted by an African-Moroccan woman in a traditionally male role, Bab L’ Bluz draw inspiration from Morocco’s ‘nayda’ youth movement – a new wave taking their cues from local heritage, expressing themselves in the dialect of darija. Psychdelic trance, global grooves, and funk, it’s a real melting pot of sounds and yet it all fits perfectly within their bluesy Gnawa roots. Consisting of 11 tracks and with a run time of just 37 minutes Nayda! is short, sharp and brilliantly to the point. Judgding by this very impressive body of work their mission will be a success!



Dan Jose – Saccade

This release from Californian raised, London living artist who goes by the name of Dan Jose is a real ear-feast. Saccade is a unique beat tape, that marks a strange moment in time – started before lockdown when Jose was re-covering in self-quarantine after contracting Coronavirus this amazing release encapulates the tiredness, anger, anxiety, fear, fun, boredom, hope, loneliness and more felt by Jose across its twenty four tracks. Combining a wealth of diverse styles from European prog rock, euro-jazz, U.S. soul as well as 90’s hip-hop, L.A. beats and news samples this is a must-listen for anyone looking for something truly original. Lockdown and lock in.





Time Cow – Travels

I’m not exaggerating when I call Time Cow a genius. The man who also goes by the name of Jordan Chung recently treated us to his first full solo release as Time Cow and the three tracks of futuristic, forward-thinking dancehall are just what we’ve come to expect from the Equiknoxx member. A genuinely worldwide offering the EP sees him recording tracks with Exile Di Brave in Germany, SO$A in New York, before heading home to Jamacia to link with RTKal & ​Shokryme. Essential.




Gavsborg – Quality Time Sound System

More brilliance from the Equiknoxx crew this time with Gavsborg. Drawing inspiration from ​Bobby Konders,​​Larry Heard and Third World this new release finds Gavsborg throwing a huge curveball dropping two slo-mo house groovers. Grounded in the classic house sounds of NYC, Chicago and Detroit, while twisted some flavours from Kingston and West Africa, this is another exciting step forward for this talented artist. Hard to categorise and maybe we shouldn’t both tunes embody the playful nature that underpins all of Equiknoxx’s output. Tip!



Sareeta Domingo – If I Don’t Have You

London-based author and singer Sareeta Domingo recently shared her fabulous rendition of Gregory Isaacs lovers rock classic. Maintaining the original’s smooth flow with the help of Will LV they give the track a modern dancehall twist. The single is released alongside Domingo’s novel of the same name.



Brijean – Moody

Brijean, the Oakland-based duo of Brijean Murphy and Doug Stuart, returns with a new cut titled Moody. The song is anything but moody with its vibrant flow that is said to “capture Brijean’s signature sound in just over two minutes”. Take a gentle trip with the duo and delight in the golden-hued haze of percussive beats and honeyed vocals. 



Naima Shalhoub – Two (Rivers in the Desert) ft. Excentrik

Although I played this on my radio show a few weeks back, I hadn’t until now shared it on the site. So here is the enchanting Two (Rivers in the Desert) by Naima Shalhoub. With a minimalist and straightforward soundscape of Shalhoub on rhythm guitar and Excentrik plucking away on lead guitar add her soothing tones and you’ve got yourself an absolute gem. The track is lifted from her recently released album which we plan to delve into this weekend.



Moor Mother – Forever Industries

Camae Ayewa, otherwise known as Moor Mother, shares her contribution to the Sub Pop Singles Club, with the two part piece Forever Industries. Recorded at her home studio earlier this year first up is a jazz-tinged experimental hip-hop cut produced by Olof Melander, the B side is a more immersive and ambient piece produced by frequent Moor Mother collaborator Mental Jewelry. Lyrically she explores the future, making space, outer space, and industry. Listen to ‘Forever Industries A’ / ‘Forever Industries B’ below.


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