Brothers Reginald Omas Mamode IV and Jeen Bassa come together as Mama Odé

Twistedsoul - Mama Ode

Brothers Reginald Omas Mamode IV and Jeen Bassa join forces with their exciting new project Mama Odé— they’ve also shared a little taste of their forthcoming full-length album ‘Tales And Patterns Of The Maroons’.

The 20-track LP will drop on October 2nd on Mamode IV’s long time home Five Easy Pieces.

The brothers pull inspiration from jazz, funk, blues and reggae to un-placeable but definite Afro-drum patterns, through to their Golden-Era-rap flows, which tip their hat to ATCQ and Slum Village. The album also draws inspiration from their Mauritian heritage with warm tropical flavours and Sega vibes running throughout!

Along with the announcement of the LP they’ve shared two equally fresh tracks. Above is the meditative and sun-drenched funk of ‘Creole Brothers’ a track that will transport you to a world of chill and utter bliss. At the same time, the more uptempo ‘Typik Morisien’ sees them both effortlessly glide over the track’s head-nodding beat with smooth and crisp flows. 

If the album’s as good as these two tracks, we’re in for a proper treat!

Pre-order the ‘Tales And Patterns Of The Maroons’ LP here.

Tales and Patterns of the Maroons


1. Negus Introduction
2. Creole Brothers
3.Feel That Today
4. Pattern of Maroons (Interlude)
5. We Keep It Up
6. This Kind of Music (Interlude)
7. Sega Move
8. Mama Ode (Interlude)
9. That S Game
10. My Brother (Ti Ton Lament)
11. My Brother
12. Don’t Preach
13. All of That
14. Going Right
15. Typik Morisien
16. Wadada Lasts
17. Creole Soul Clap
18. Descendants (Interlude)
19. Mele Mele Colonial
20. Tales of the Maroons (Interlude)


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