On The Corner announce Door To The Cosmos compilation

London based Cuban/Iranian quartet Ariwo.As you may already know, On The Corner Records, will drop ‘Door To The  Cosmos’ compilation, the label’s 10th full release on 18th September.

The London imprint reached out to an array of friends and label family members for the upcoming release which expresses their adventure; future sounds referencing the source, be it Detroit, UK bass culture, New Orleans or the Niger delta.

The 24-track compilation features music by the likes of Ariwo, Azu Tiwaline, Guedra Guedra, JD Twitch, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Rebecca Vasmant, Tamar Collocutor, Tenesha The Wordsmith, Uffe, Planet Battagon, Afrikan Sciences Babani Soundsystem and many more captained by OtC bossman Pete Buckenham.

Door To The Cosmos LP.

Having already shared Guedra Guedra’s contribtion earlier this month they continue by lifting the second layer. Before it drops in a few months, you can stream a new cut from London based quartet Ariwo. Dive into their uplifting jazz and electronica with Cuban rhythms and Iranian mysticism on ‘Flameback Dance’ below.

Door To The Cosmos compilation is available to pre-order via OtC’s Bandcamp page. Grab yourself a copy here. Can’t wait!


Side A

1. Azu Tiwaline ft Cinna Peyghamy – Violet Curves
2. Khalab – Sorry
3. Dengue Dengue Dengue aka DNGDNGDNG – hiperborea (Quixosis Remix)
4. JD Twitch – Agyapong
5. Black Classical – Sisters Brew

Side B

1. Edrix Puzzle – Jonny Buck Buck
2. Don Korto – Samosa Beat #02
3. Rebecca Vasmant – Teen Town
4. Uffe – City’s Dead (Wrapped in Plastic)

Side C

2. Clive From Accounts – The Rain
3. Jose Marquez – La Negra Lorenza
4. Guedra Guedra ft Taxi Kabir ft – Couscouse Curtain

Side D

1. Tamar Collocutor V – Everywhere live at TRC (Black Classical speed-light mix )
2. Don Korto – Samosa Beat #01
3. Ariwo – Flameback Dance
4. Batida ft Karlon – Aquecedor

Side E

1. Petwo Evans – Wheels
2. DENGUE DENGUE DENGUE – Semillero (Nicola Cruz Remix)
3. Sunken Cages – Sounds of the Zanzi (iyer remix)
4. Babani Soundsystem – Touni Minwi

Side F

1. Collocutor – Lost and Found (Afrikan Sciences Remix)
2. Dengue Dengue Dengue – AMNATIVE
3. Tamar Collocutor + Tenesha The Wordsmith – Yemaya (Vasmant mixmaster)


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