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Zazim Soundsystrm
Photo by Luke Winter.

Get ready for a richly layered journey into the unknown!

Glasgow based production duo VARDI and Rory Comerford come together as Zazim Soundsystem to share a collaborative EP ‘AYÉ’. The title means “Life” in Yoruba and “Yes” in Scots. 

Opening with the lush soundscapes of the title track over its 11 minutes run time the three-track project finds the duo exploring the intersection of UK bass, Latin and West African percussion along with traditional Celtic music to create an utterly unique sound.

The effect-laden ‘139’ with its rhythmic driving force and exotic Afro-Latin flavours is an absolute groove fest. Taking its time, ‘Everything (Version)’ unfolds through a celestial flute, hypnotic guitar plucks hushed tones and delicate percussive whispers that is all kinds of splendid.

Shout out to James at The Slow Music Movement for putting me onto this magical release.

Hopefully, there’s more to come as this three-tracker is quite simply amazing and a must-listen!


1. Ayé
2. 139
3. Everything (Version)

AYÉ EP is out now. Grab a copy from Bandcamp.

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