Bahla tease upcoming EP with new single

New single from Bahla.

New track from five-piece London-based outfit Bahla. ‘Hold On’, is the first single from their upcoming EP’ Life Long’ due to be released later this year. 

Formed by Venezuelan pianist Joseph Costi and English guitarist Tal Janes the group is completed by Inês Loubet (vocals), Andrea Di Biase (double bass,) and Ben Brown (drums).

Video: Bahla – Imprints (TS Premiere)

The new track blends together mellow and ethereal soundscapes that traverses jazz, pop and electronic music. It’s an exciting mix of sounds that the quintet manages to weave together perfectly, with the warm and heart-melting vocals of Loubet as the focal point for a tale of self-love and all-round wellbeing. Of course, it’s needless to say that the instrumentation from Costi, Janes, Di Biase and Brown are equally arresting.

‘Hold On’ is about learning how to love yourself and reach that place where you find physical and emotional balance. “The song is a throwback to infancy when we can’t say what we need or want, but there’s unconditional love”, says Tal who wrote most of the lyrics for the EP. 

A world away from the cinematic jazz expressions of their debut LP. This new song sees the band heading in an interesting new direction, so we can’t wait to hear how ‘Long Life‘ shapes up.

Enjoy the single below, it’s a bit special! Get it here.

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