DJ Raph – Amen (TS Premiere)

Kenyan artist DJ Raph unveils forthcoming EP with new track 'Amen'.

We’ve never covered Kenyan artist DJ Raph on the site before but after hearing his new track titled, ‘Amen,’ I’m sure he’ll be making more appearences soon.

Like his recent Sacred Groves project, his Mwimuto Revival Centre EP comes out of the University Of Bayreuth’s Mashup The Archive project. Working with young, African-based, artists, the programme explores and investigate the rich cultural heritage of the archive.

Mwimuto Revival Centre which arrives tomorrow is an aural sensation of African field recordings that have long sat in European collections, gathering dust reinvigorated by Raph to be enjoyed across dance floors all over the world.

Subtle in its delivery, ‘Amen’ starts with a combination of vibrant but unhurried electronic waves that gradually intensifies as more layers of lush sounds are added into the mix. At the 2.50 mark a thumping breakbeat kicks in leading the track to a rousing finale. Back in 2018 Resident Advisor named him among 15 East African artists you need to hear, and this new offering is yet more evidence that he is a force to be reckoned with. 

Stream our exclusive premiere of the single below! 

Mwimuto Revival Centre arrives tomorrow via Bryd Out. Pre-order here.

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