New & Noteworthy: Koma Saxo – Koma Mate / Jagd (ft. Jameszoo)

Komo Saxo return with a double banger.
Photo by Juho Luukkainen

Helsinki label We Jazz Records continues its excellent run of form with a tremendous new two-tracker from Koma Saxo.

Led by bassist Petter Eldh, with Christian Lillinger on drums and the triple sax threat of Otis Sandsjö, Jonas Kullhammar and Mikko Innanen the quintet return with more of their chaotic yet harmonious soundscapes.

The new release kicks off with ‘Koma Mate’, a remodelling of ‘Koma Tema’ from their self-titled 2019 debut album. The track retains the originals anthemic vibe while encompassing a cacophonous and intense aesthetic as the three saxes weave between the thick bass and skittering beat.

And if that’s not enough, they enlist Jameszoo on the flipside to dsimantle and reassemble Koma Saxo’s elements, making ‘Jagd’, a tasty treat filled with crisscrossing saxes and wonky grooves. 

Get yourself a copy of this double banger on 7” vinyl or digital download here.

Komo Saxo new two-track release.



1. Koma Mate
2. Jagd (Ft. Jameszoo)

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