Sharada Shashidhar crafts dreamy nu-jazz & soul on debut EP, Rahu, for Leaving Records

New music from Sharada Shashidhar.

With her debut project ‘Rahu’ set to land next week, Sharada Shashidhar has revealed the meditative lead single lifted from the record, ‘Messages’.

The lead track sets the contemplative yet focused tone of the record. Shashidhar says, “There were a lot of things that were being told to me, new things, things that I realized through experience that I just wanted to write down. And I would say that is kind of consistent with a lot of my songs. I kind of take on this alter ego … somebody who knows a lot more than me. That tells me what’s up sometimes. Just communicating with myself, communicating with my past and present and future self … kind of knowing through experience, passing that knowledge on, forward, upward.” 

We first came across the New York-based singer’s spellbinding vocals when she featured on Jamael Dean’s gorgeous piano-driven Infant Eyes (Edit)  single from a few weeks back. The pair have worked on Rahu over the past four years in a constant collaborative exchange with Dean handling production duties.

Rahu is released on 14th May via Leaving Records. Sharada also created the record’s artwork, which you can view, alongside the tracklisting, below.

Sharada Shashidhar - Rahu



1. Messages
2. Luckiest Shar
3. Present
4. Rotate
5. Loose Ends
6. Vexed

Grab the limited edition cassette (250 copies) or digitail download of Rahul from Bandcamp.

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