Greg Foat announces new album Symphonie Pacifique on Strut

Strut is releasing a new album by Greg Foat, called Symphonie Pacifique.

The intriguing and prolific jazz pianist Greg Foat is releasing a new album, called Symphonie Pacifique, on Strut.

Recorded in London, Edinburgh and Gothenburg the LP features a band including Phil Achille on bass, Eric Young on congas and Moses Boyd on drums.

Symphonie Pacifique blends soul-jazz workouts, library music, cinematic, haunting compositions and pastoral acid folk.

Speaking about the new record, Foat explains: “My last albums were very much characterized by choir voices and tubular bells. “This time I also used a pedal steel guitar”. This combination can be heard on the atmospheric “After The Storm”. “We improvised the piece on the last day of our studio sessions. The assistant sound engineer had programmed an arpeggio as a metronome on the synthesizer, the harp and guitar played an ostinato, and then we played our solos over it. Choir and strings were added later. In the end we took out the arpeggio so that the music sounds calmer and more relaxed ”.

The upcoming record follows the release of Foat and Linkwood’s eponymous collaborative album, via Athens Of The North earlier this year.

Stream the Groove Merchant-channelling lead cut ‘Nikinakinu’ above and check out the artwork and tracklisting below.

Strut announces new LP from jazz pianist Greg Foat, Symphonie Pacifique.


Side A

1. Prelude
2. Symphonie Pacifique
3. Undulation
4. Anticipation
5. Mu
6. Yonaguni

Side B

1. Island Life
2. Nikinakinu
3. Man Vs. Machine

Side C

1. Before The Storm
2. After The Storm
3. Meditation On A Pedal Steel
4. Lament For Lamont

Side D

1. Pointe-vénus
2. Mother’s Love
3. Epilogue: Three Tenors

Symphonie Pacifique is out on 3rd of July via Strut. Pre-order from Bandcamp or Norman Records.

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