Hania Rani announces her second album with the release of new track, Leaving

Twistedsoul - Hania Rani

Hania Rani has announced details of a new album.

‘Home’ is the musician’s second album with Manchester label Gondwana Records and will be released on 22nd May.

“I feel like ‘Home’ is a second part of the same book, that the start was in ‘Esja’, a musical prelude to a real plot says Rani. “I feel ‘Home’ is a story with an ending, so the next book can tell a totally different one. I am constantly looking for new ways of expression. I am curious where ‘Home’ will lead me and my music”.

She’s also shared the first single ‘Leaving’ which offers a delightful taste of the upcoming album. The single also comes with some impressive black and white visuals.

Opening with gorgeous piano chords that are soon by joined Rani’s fragile, and beautiful tones, the track gradually intensify as both the instrumentation and her delivery become amplified. 

Speaking about the song she says, “The album starts with a song called ‘Leaving’ which reminds me a bit the beginning of Schubert’s ‘Winterreise’. We don’t know who is leaving and why, what happened before and where he/she is heading to. We don’t know if he/she is a lover, a friend or somebody else. The song tells a story about the moment of leaving, when we still can stop the person. It starts with words “Are you leaving, is there a better place?”. 

 Watch and listen above.

Home album artwork/vinyl.



1. Leaving
2. Buka
3. Nest
4. Letter to Glass
5. Home
6. Zero Hour
7. F Major
8. Summer
9. Rurka
10. Tennen
11. I’ll Never Find Your Soul
12. Ombelico
13. Come Back Home

Pre-order Home from Bandcamp.


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