New Sounds: Village of the Sun – Village of the Sun ft. Binker and Moses

Village of the Sun

Now here’s a combination i didn’t see coming but sonically, the pairing of Simon Ratcliffe from Basement Jaxx and jazz duo Binker & Moses is quite frankly insane.

It’s not every day that you listen to Balearic jazz, but Village of the Sun provides one such beuatiful moment. The track takes you on a sonic trip to uncharted musical landscapes where the blissful mix of electronic beats, and heady jazz improvisation will lull you into a state of euphoria. 

Taking inspirations from music legends such as Alice Coltrane, Airto Moreira and Masters at Work, the track is awash with soaring sax, powerful drums and slick arrangement and production. Ratcliffe says:

“I’ve always liked improvised instrumental music. It has this intensity and eccentricity and takes me places. It connects with me deeply and resonates with me far more than traditional ‘songs’ with words. I approached Binker & Moses with these two tracks, just sonic skeletons really. They gave it flesh and blood – it was just left for me to dress it.”

We’re hoping there’s more to come from the trio, but for now – relax to Village of the Sun above.

Village of the Sun 12".


  1. Village Of The Sun
  2. Ted

Village Of The Sun (ft. Binker and Moses) is out now on Gearbox. Buy from Rough Trade.

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