Twistedsoul Monday Mix #251

New Monday mixtape.
Photo by Zach Rowlandson

Just under an hour of new and old music from all across the spectrum, that’s how we start week Twistedsoul-style. Cruising through genres and moods our new mix ventures deep into Japanese boogie, synth pop rarities, new wave, synthwave, dreamlike ambient, and woozy jazz. Check out the tracklisting and make sure to follow us on SoundCloud, Mixcloud and Spotify for more music.

1. Benjamin Lew – Profondeurs des eaux des laques
2. Pablo’s Eye – I Have No Other Compass
3. Ingus Baušķenieks – Roni
4. Sonoko – L’Oiseau Bleu
5. Aiko – Fly With Me
6. Zoë Sinatra – Mais Qu’Est-Ce Que Tu Fumes?
7. Kyoto – Venetian Blinds
8. The Misz – A La Récherche De B.L.
9. Absent Music – The Desert
10. NSRD – Ķīna (China)
11. June11 – The Luckiest Man
12. Miguel Noya – Inoculación
13. Cybe – The Moon Is Shining Above The Ricefields
14. Men I Trust – Norton Commander
15. FRNTBZNZZ – Always Wanted

Download here.

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