Between The Cracks: 5 Releases You Need To Hear

Between The Cracks: 5 Releases You Need To Hear.

With so much good music coming through thick and fast, it’s easy for albums to drop online and go overlooked. To help prevent this, we select five new albums, from across the musical soundscape, that require your attention. Stream music from Meemo Comma, Kit Ebersbach, Wet Tuna, Cammy Enaharo & Dessert, and Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity. If you like what you hear, hit the links and support the artists.


Meemo Comma – Sleepmoss

This album is one for moments of drifting away in your own little world. ‘Sleepmoss’, the second album from Meemo Comma a.k.a. Brighton-based producer Lara Rix-Martin, is an adventurous, unusual and very contemporary sonic take on the impact of landscape. It’s a kind of storytelling, inspired by the shifting landscapes of her daily walks with her dog on the South Downs. Standout tracks include ‘Night Rain’ and ‘Murmur’ and the title track. If you dig the recent releases from Sofie Birch and Loraine James you should definitely check this out!!



Kit Ebersbach – Untilities

Back in 1982, pianist Kit Ebersbach completed his first project as a producer: Tender Leaf. Fast forward to late 2019, after decades of producing and performing just about every genre (jazz, punk, new age, neo-exotica), Ebersbach gives us a collection of new music. The eight-song album comprises distant childhood memories, existentialism, anxiety and adrenaline, nature’s chaos, invented narratives, and weightless moments of zen. On Untilities he takes his music to a new dimension, and we love it. If your ears are bored, give this a listen! 



Wet Tuna – Water Weird

Mindblowing new album from Matt Valentine and PG Six (Pat Gubler) aka Wet Tuna. Call it what you like be it psychedelic rock, or country funk, in the end, I don’t care about labels anyway. It’s just one of those releases that gives me a buzz that only hearing forward-thinking and diverse music gives me. With a mish-mash of sounds, this probably shouldn’t work, but it does. 43 minutes of pure bliss…



Cammy Enaharo – Cammy Enaharo & Dessert

Cammy Enaharo shines beautifully on her new album. Supported by Dessert, a rhythm section duo featuring Eastman School of Music alum Ryder Eaton on bass and Gary Lamaar on drums the trio coast through fourteen incredibly relaxing folk songs. Fragments of soul tinge the spacious productions with the music flowing gently like a river. Our faves include ‘Morning Mama’, ‘Breathing Fire’, ‘Mermaids’, ‘5ive’, and ‘Wasting Away’. Prepare yourself for a lovely serving of crisp musicianship and emotionally sharp songwriting. This wonderful album is something you need in your life, don’t sleep!



Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity – To Whom Who Buys A Record

Debut album from Gard Nilssen Acoustic Unity.  To Whom Who Buys A Record moves between the exuberant and the reflective, the raucous and the mellifluous, the rugged and the delicate. It works equally well as a cognitive or visceral experience. Wherever it alights on the spectrum, it is a balm for the soul. It represents the band exploring the vastness of jazz, an expanse that spills out all over the project. The instrumentation is intricate and intense, built from André Rolighetens sax, and bass clarinet, Petter Eldh’s double bass and Gard Nilssen drums. Highest Recommendation! 


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