Hot Mule Records set to reissue Gülistan’s 1986 LP Oriental Groove

Gülistan’s 1986 LP Oriental Groove reisseed by Hot Mule.

After a year of intense research and meticulous preparation, Hot Mule Records will reissue Gülistan’s 1986 LP Oriental Groove this November.

The seven-member group included a Kurdish immigrant and six Austrians. Recorded in a small rehearsal room in Vienna’s 5th district the new issue has been carefully remastered from the original source.

Drawing inspiration from gipsies from Turkey and the Balkan region, the group, used songs from the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East as a vehicle for improvisations based on odd scales and rhythms. ”

A painstaking labour of love project label owner, Louis Hautemulle had this to say the reissue process:

The making of this reissue has been quite a ride. It’s been 15 months in the process, making sure every single person involved in the original release was involved. Getting the licencing rights was quickly sorted, but tracking down every musician, their sound engineer and even their graphic designer (the amazing cover was restored from the original files) took months of emails / phone calls. The record has been remastered from the original DAT tape and i’m proud to say the reissue sounds better than the original record!”

Oriental Groove by Gülistan

The new reissue of this groundbreaking record arrives on 15th November on limited edition vinyl with extensive liner notes by Donna Leake, and exclusive photos  handpicked from the band’s archives.

Head here to grab the limted edition vinyl, and check out the tracklisting below.

Stream three sizzling tracks from the album and make sure you cop the vinyl – be quick though, because there won’t be many left!



1. Nazmiye
2. Plajda – On The Beach
3. Deli Horoz – The Crazy Cock
4. Ahtarma Meni – Don’t Search Me
5. Ayrılık – Seperation
6. Cano, Cano – Darling, Darling
7. Kervan – Caravan


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