Machweo – Fire And Sea | New album on Hyperjazz fuses jazz, electronic music & mediterranean roots

Machweo - Fire And Sea.

We have a fantastic new track from Machweo called ‘Free’ that you need to hear.

This is the first single from Italian producer’s forthcoming ‘Fire And Sea’ album that’s dropping next month. It will be the third release from DJ Khalab’s newly formed Hyperjazz Records, that released a fresh EP from Go Dugong back in June.

The eight-track album pays tribute to the Mediterranean Sea. Written by Machweo and performed in the studio with his jazz quartet (electronics, sax, electric guitar and drums), ‘Fire And Sea’ tells the tale of the Mediterranean people and their music.

“The album name initially simply recalls the Mediterranean scenario he explains. “But it brings with it the drama of death and rebirth that the sea lives in our era. ‘Fire and Sea’ represents the dualism between life and death, imaginary and concrete”

Musically, the vibrant lead track moves in a style somewhwere between electronic, jazz and beat making. Complex yet catchy, the track gets better and better with each listen.

Visit the Hyperjazz Records Bandcamp page to pre-order ‘Fire And Sea’ and follow them on Soundcloud while you’re at it.                                                                                                  

CF Smith

Write for Music Is My Sanctuary & Stereofox.

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