Between The Cracks: 5 New Releases You Need To Hear

Stream music from Wilson Tanner, Albrecht La’Brooy, Florist, Maryanne Ito and Nathan Bajar.

With so much good music coming through thick and fast, it’s easy for brand-new music to drop online and go overlooked. To help prevent this, we’ve picked five new releases you may have missed but need to hear — stream music from Wilson Tanner, Albrecht La’Brooy, Florist, Maryanne Ito and Nathan Bajar. If you like what you hear, hit the links and support the artists.


Wilson Tanner – II

Melbourne’s Andrew Wilson and John Tanner return with a new album as Wilson Tanner. II maintains the style of ambient and experimental electronic music of their debut album. Warming new age melodies, dreamy and ethereal tracks make this album a must-have. Headphones on and let your mind wander – take a listen up below, this is super chill…and brilliant.



Albrecht La’Brooy – Healesville

Australian duo Albrecht La’Brooy aka Sean La’Brooy and Alex Albrecht return with their blissful new album ‘Healesville’ recorded in a mud-brick hut on a strawberry crop in the Melbourne countryside. Sink deep into the delicate fusion of ambient electronic textures, live instrumentation and field recordings. Whether it’s the twinkling and meditative sounds of ‘Tractor’ or the splendidly mellow aesthetic of the title track, the duo has you covered with their soothing sounds. A beautiful and dreamy listen from start to finish.



 Florist – Emily Alone

Emily Alone is precisely that as Florist frontwomen Emily Sprague steps out on her own for a 12-track record. Recorded without her bandmates and set amidst a backdrop of the break up of a long-term relationship, the unexpected death of her mother and moving cross country the feel of the album is one of vulnerability and intimacy. Emily Alone is a profound and moving personal story filled mostly with vocal compositions that are touched by sparse instrumentation, and occasional field recordings. The result is an intricately layered, beautiful journey through the mind of a truly original artist.



Maryanne Ito – Live at the Atherton

Singer, songwriter Maryanne Ito teams up with record label, Aloha Got Soul for her new album Live at the Atherton. Recorded live in late 2017 at the Atherton Performing Arts Studio with Gilbert Batangan (guitar), Alika Lyman (bass), and Dae Han (drums) the eight-song set perfectly captures her raw energy, emotional depth and unforgettably powerful tones. As soon as you hit play you’ll fell like you’re instantly at the studio, part of the imitate audience getting lost in the soulful haze that is Ito. With her inimitable style that combines classic soulful-jazz with R&B and hip hop, this album will brighten your day and put a spring in your step.



Nathan Bajar – Playroom

Known for his photography Brooklyn-based artist Nathan Bajar recently shared his debut music project. Much like his photos, his music has a warm lo-fi vibe (check the album artwork above or here). Much like the Yves Jarvis album from earlier this year Playroom covers a lot of musical ground and often on tracks like ‘The View’ and ‘Silver Surfer’ it doesn’t always hit the spot. But that’s a small complaint as cuts like ‘Playroom (Lover’s Paradise)’, ‘Purple Hearts’, ‘Camille’, ‘Mia’s Song’ and ‘The Table’ showcase his knack for weaving pop and R&B with effortless ease. Give the album a listen below and fall in love the with Bajar’s magnificent blend of hazy vocals, dreamy guitar lines, lo-fi production and quirky grooves.


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