New & Noteworthy: Tawiah – Recreate

Twistedsoul - Tawiah.

Tawiah has announced her long-awaited debut album Starts Again.

After years of major label wrangles, she is finally free to express her artistry in all its raw glory, and the album is an exploration of her identity as a queer woman of colour raised in a Pentecostal family. 

The 10-track record was co-produced by Sam Beste (Hejira), and features vocals from Sharlene Hector, Vula Malinga, Ladonna Young, Ade Omotayo and Rahel Debebe-Dessalegne, as well as string arrangements composed by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, with a series of field recordings from Ghana, amongst the varied components.

Speaking about the album, Tawiah says:

“After a week in the studio with the band (The Seeds) the production process with Sam and I took two years of long joyful studio sessions, we had no clear direction, just good vibes, time, and the freedom to create whatever came, it was a privilege to collaborate in this way”.

With the album completed Tawiah collaborated with Studio Myrrh (spatial artist) to think about her aesthetic for the show “we derived a rich narrative from the album which informed the art direction and further collaborations. Collectively we have created an exciting, immersive live show”.

Yesterday, the singer unveiled Recreate, the LP’s lead single. Under a delightful arrangement, Tawiah once again excels with that powerful, soulful vocal of hers. 

Absolutely fantastic – the album can’t come soon enough!

Tawiah - Start Again Artwork.


1. Recreate Intro
2. Recreate
3. Good
4. Borders
5. Don’t Hold Your Breath
6. One Moment
7. Starts Again
8. Lost In A Dream
9. How Much Left
10. Mother’s Prayer

Starts Again is released on First Word Records on 18/10 on vinyl, digital, CD and limited cassette. Pre-order here.

CF Smith

Write for Music Is My Sanctuary & Stereofox.

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