Between The Cracks: 5 New Releases You Need To Hear

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With so much good music coming through thick and fast, it’s easy for brand-new music to drop online and go overlooked. To help prevent this, we’ve picked five new releases you may have missed but need to hear — stream music from Ebi Soda, Carwyn Ellis And Rio 18, Shahbaz Hussain and Helen Anahita Wilson, Betsayda Machado y la Parranda El Clavo and Nicolas Gaunin. If you like what you hear, hit the links and support the artists.

Ebi Soda – Bedroom Tapes

Brighton jazz outfit Ebi Soda are back with a 7 track mini-LP. Recorded in a small Brighton university flat, the band crafts a unique free-flowing style. As expected, Bedroom Tapes is a fine introduction to their experimental jazz fusion stylings. Featuring the previously released single ‘Resent’, each of the seven tracks that make up the project retain the post-punk DIY ethic close to their hearts, with songs birthed from sweaty smokey bedrooms. Standouts include ‘Resent’, ‘Libre’, and ‘Lake’. Don’t Sleep!



Carwyn Ellis And Rio 18 – Joia

The supremely talented Welsh artist Carwyn Ellis presents a new album with a new backing band Rio 18 for his latest album Joia! Across the album, they blend a colourful collection of songs sung in Welsh combined with pop and Latin American flavours drawn from Bossa Nova, Cumbia, Samba and Tropicalismo styles. “The album’s title says it all,” says Ellis. “It means ‘groovy!’ in Brazilian Portuguese (Caetano Veloso made an album called Joia and Wilson Simonal has an album called Joia Joia) and ‘enjoy!’ in Welsh. I couldn’t have made a more vibrant, colourful, uplifting and downright positive album if I’d tried. JOIA!” This is a great listen just buy it and thank me later!



Shahbaz Hussain and Helen Anahita Wilson – DIWAN

The duo of tabla player Shahbaz Hussain and pianist Helen Anahita Wilson mixture of Asian-inspired jazz brings together Punjabi rhythms, Persian melodies and contemporary jazz. Released back in May on Golden Girl Records the 7-track album is a brilliant body of work from two truly gifted musicians. From the gorgeous piano progressions on ‘Neeleshwar’ to the meditative sounds on ‘Dharana’, and soothing on ‘Merkaba-là’, this is such a fantastic album from beginning to end. ‘DIWAN’ finds the perfect mix of Western and Eastern musical influences and is by far one of the strongest albums we’ve heard this year.



Betsayda Machado y la Parranda El Clavo – Loé Loá – Rural Recordings Under The Mango Tree.

London’s Olindo Records has just released Betsayda Machado y la Parranda El Clavo 2017 LP Loé Loá – Rural Recordings Under The Mango Tree on vinyl for the first time. The majority of the music on the album is in the style of ‘Parranda’, a traditional Venezuelan genre that literally translates into party. The stunning field recordings marked the first time that La Parranda El Clavo was recorded after thirty years of playing together. The recording took place out in the open in Betsayda’s home town of El Clavo in Barlovento, where she is known as ‘The Black Voice of Barlovento’, a community with a vast Afro Venezuelan tradition. Highly recommended.



Nicolas Gaunin – Noa Noa Noa

Released digitally and on cassette in February last year by Italian label Artetetra Records, Nicolas Gaunin’s Noa Noa album now restyled as Noa Noa Noa was recently issued on vinyl by Hive Mind Records. Drawing on influences from music from around the world, Noa Noa Noa takes inspiration from composer Gyorgy Ligeti, Italian DJ Danielle Baldelli, Moondog, Harry Partch, Francis Bebey and more. An often bonkers but thoroughly entertaining album.



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