Dotorado Pro returns with Macumba EP

Twistedsoul ~ Dotorado Pro

Lisbon’s own afro-house prodigy Dotorado Pro returns to Enchufada with a new 5-track EP. ‘Macumba’ continues his assault on the global club music scene with a collection of floor rumbling, hip shaking bangers.

Across the EP he channels his singniture sound of fast-paced afro-house drum patterns, overlapped with hypnotic looping marimba, synth melodies, and pulsating bass lines.

The title ‘Macumba’ refers to an African percussive instrument as well as for Afro-Brazilian religions combining ancient spiritual beliefs brought over by African slaves and Native American religious practices.

Kicking off with the elevating sounds of ‘Faraó’s’ the young producer signals his intent – hypnotising beats and uplifting synths lines to get the party people moving worldwide. Elsewhere the title-track ‘Macumba’ and ‘Fusion’ keep things moving with relentlessly looping melodies while ‘Marimbadas’ is a fast-paced affair chock full of dazzling marimba patterns (he is the self-proclaimed King of Marimbas after all). The bittersweet chords over captivating chopped vocal samples on ‘Say Daddy’ closes out this stunning project.

This enjoyable EP is something you need today; don’t sleep!

Dotorado Pro’s, Macumba EP is out now. Buy here.



CF Smith

Write for Music Is My Sanctuary & Stereofox.

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