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Twistedsoul - Sal Dulu

For his latest release, Dublin based producer/instrumentalist Sal Dulu hooks up with veteran rap artist StaHHr on ‘Buzzcut’.

The new track follows on from his solo piano composition, ‘Xompulse’, released in January this year.

The talented artist continues to create a diverse body of work that is gaining him praise from the likes of The Line Best Fit, Earmilk, Stereofox and more. With ‘Buzzcut’ he remains in an experimental vein, fusing elements of hip-hop, jazz and classical music.

Cinematic and expressive all at once, Dulu marries enchanting string arrangements with the glitchy electronic sounds, coupled with StaHHr’s enchanting vocal delivery and insightful words which serve as the cherry on the cake.

We caught up with the Dulu to talk about ‘Buzzcut’, his evolving sound, his favourite new tracks and much more. Read our interview and make sure to stream ‘Buzzcut’ featuring StaHHr below.

How are you today?

I’m good and thanks for having me.

Who is Sal Dulu?

I’m a solo artist/producer. I’m 26 and from Ireland.

What is your background? Tell us how you first got into making music?

I grew up in Dublin and started playing guitar when I was a kid. As a teenager, I was heavily influenced by artists like Bob Dylan, the Beatles, Pink Floyd. Things developed from there and overtime I gradually transitioned into making more electronic type music.

Can you talk us through the creative process behind your new release? How did the collaboration with staHHr come about?

I had an early version of Buzzcut recorded, and StaHHr came to mind. I messaged her online, and to my surprise, she got back to me. I’m a big fan of her music so it was a great experience to collaborate with her and I’m happy how things turned out.

From ‘Antasma’ to ‘Buzzcut’: How do you feel your sound has evolved since your first release?

I feel that I’ve made good progress since my first release. Buzzcut, in some ways, is an unusual song and is not for everyone but I’m really proud of it. I still feel like I have a way to go before I’ll be fully happy with the music I make but I’m excited by my progress so far and optimistic for whats next. Moving forward I want to keep experimenting with different genres and with each release to do something a little bit different whilst maintaining a common thread.

What piece of equipment can you not live without, and why?

I’ve been playing guitar since i was a kid, so either that or Piano, a lot of the initial ideas for my songs come from improvising on keys.

What are your favourite three tracks at the moment?

Christopher Dicker – Impromptu No1: Hope
Tyler The Creator – A Boy Is A Gun*
Nils Frahm – Them

What’s next for Sal Dulu? Should we expect a full-length project soon or singles?

Yeah, there will definitely be a larger project at some point, just hard to say when. But for the meantime, I will be coming out with a few more singles first and then following up with an Ep.

Any last words?

I would like to thank StaHHr for featuring on this with me and also Fergal Styles for doing the artwork.


Buzzcut is out now

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