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Twistedsoul - Sans Soucis

Our Track By Track guide feature sees some of our favourite artists break down the stories behind their music. For the latest in the feature, Guilia Grispino, aka Sans Soucis takes us through the tracks on her upcoming new EP titled The Lover.

Check out Grispino’s track by track guide below and listen to the lead track ‘Unchain’ above.

Unchain is a track that talks about self love and rediscovering where to find in our lives those places that allow us to channel self love with authenticity. Art and grief are certainly two places I hold on to, when it comes to self love, growth and acceptance.

Moon Shows talks about a romantic relationship and how nostalgic, romantic love can make us feel, even when we clearly have suffered from it. It is part of my story of self acceptance and love. A relationship can really mirror something about ourselves that will always be crystallised in time. Certainly something we attracted in our life because it belongs to us.

The Lover, the title track of the EP is a dedication to the unconditional love my grandparents felt for each other, more specifically the love of my grandfather towards my grandmother, who was diagnosed with Parkinson’s and died from it. My grandfather dedicated all his life to taking care of her and making her feel loved even when she could no longer move. He died 20 days after she passed and we love to think that he wanted to follow his lover as far as he could. “The sunset wasn’t warm enough without her near”. This is one of the highest forms of unconditional love I’ve ever had the honour to witness in my life.

Lastly, Amami. It’s a love song I wrote for my country of origin, Italy. I had a conflicted relationship with it for many years, after moving to London. I felt somehow refused as I had to move to another country to pursue my biggest passion, considering the very few investments on the youngest generation, but also a country that is experiencing an exponential growth in racism and xenophobia. I wrote this song in a moment of extreme nostalgia, to make peace with Italy and ask to be loved for who I am. A young mixed race Italian woman, whose love for Italy is comparable to the love for a mother.

You can catch Sans Soucis performing at Servant Jazz Quarters on June 9th. Head here for more info and tickets.

San Socuis’ new EP, The Lover is out tomorrow.

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