Album: Bartosz Kruczyński – Baltic Beat II

Bartosz Kruczyński - Baltic Beat II

Three years after the release of his first Baltic Beat album on Growing Bin Records, Bartosz Kruczyński is back with Baltic Beat II.  The Polish producer, who also records under the name of Earth Trax and more recently Pejzaz, returns with another audio adventure through the meadows and forests of his native land. Baltic Beat II maintains the style of warming ambience and Balearic brillance. Beautiful gentle soundscapes, dreamy and ethereal compositions make this album a must listen. The standout cuts include ‘Pastoral Sequences’,  ‘Petals’,  ‘If You Go Down In The Woods Today’ and ‘The Orchard’. Press play and bask in the moods and grooves of Bartosz Kruczyński’s Baltic Beat II below.


Bartosz Kruczyńsk’s, Baltic Beat II LP is out now. Buy from Growing Bin Records website.


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