Album: Joaquín Cornejo – Barro EP

Joaquín Cornejo

Joaquín Cornejo is a gifted producer who caught our ear earlier this year with his colourful set of ethereal numbers in the form of El Viaje.

Last month the Manchester-based Ecuadorian producer returned with Barro, his second EP which is inspired by the power of soulful improvisation, field recordings, electronic experimentation and the cosy sound of magnetic tape.

It’s a record that flows beautifully with each track melting into the next. The folk textures that run throughout the production are exemplary, especially on the title track where synthetic music and gentle acoustics met seamlessly to blend on an ever-changing soundscape.

At only 20 minutes long its a brief but deep, and textured journey with each track highlighting the young producers evolving sound and musical identity: beautifully sculptured textural electronics rooted in the folkloric traditions of his native Latin-America.

‘Barro’ features contributions from Felipe Cornejo who plays the double bass on the mesmerising ‘Aire’, the third track titled ‘Soul in my Bones’ features the hypnotic tones of Anna Bailey, and the enchanting voices of the Mbya Guarani Choir on the closing track ‘Omyaña’, is a fittingly heartwarming end to a short but ever so sweet journey.

Enjoy Barro in its entirety below!                                                              

Barro is out now via Shika Shika. Buy from Bandcamp.

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