Mix: selectors #12: phat phil cooper

selectors #12- phat phil cooper

We’ve just received something very special, straight from the terrace of Hostal La Torre, Ibiza. Tip..

Phil Cooper is resident at the White Isle’s most kosher balearic establishment, a position earned by a twenty plus year career ranging from worldwide DJ to label boss, PR head to artist management consultant, always with a focus on the blissful, soulful and eclectic. To quote DJ Alfredo: ‘So many DJs still deserve a place and the chance to play. Leo Mas, Phil Cooper, Noel Watson and many of them – they get it.’

In selectors #12 we’re given an insight into winter sunsets at La Torre, an opening into etherea, passing in and out of consciousness against the rifts in the balearic spectrum. Through ninety minutes of highly eclectic downtempo business, Phil curates a way around the horizon with all the soul, skill and character that his reputation has come to suggest.

Check out Phil’s label, NuNorthern Soul Records, and follow the socials to keep up with his balearic adventures in Ibiza and further afield.

(For more selectors and radio from 45turns, see the mixes page)


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