Tendts – Cosmic Swimmer (Public Release)

Tendts – Cosmic Swimmer [Public Release]

Trying to avoid the use of the word balearic is tricky with Tendt’s new EP on Public Release. Imagine sun-baked beachfront, headphones on, waves lapping the feet. ‘Cosmic Swimmer’ is a psychedelic, gently house-driven excursion into sun-kissed balearica from two Greek brothers with a penchant for dreamy aquatic sounds.

Luscious synth waves roll over slow-cooked percussion that falls right off the bone, all tinged with a slight melancholy that only magnifies the immensity of the moment. The 12″ of Cosmic Swimmer comes loaded with three remixes, the notable inclusion being none other than Soulwax who make a rare appearance to do their own take on Tendt’s island-hopping adventure. The Soulwax remix features all the signature loopy arpeggios, crunchy bass licks and heads-down minimal disco vibes you can expect from a Deewee brothers cut, using the dreamy balearic backdrop to forge out neat sonic contrasts at the click of a finger.

The EP comes loaded with two more cuts – Kim Ann Foxman brings the glitchy breakbeat feels, feeling like a mad dash through a tropical storm, and Eric Duncan stretches and slices things up in a homage to the wide-eyed acid raver. Basically, all the good stuff on lovely slab of wax.


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