Resavoir debut on International Anthem

Twistedsoul ~ Resavoir
Photo by Crystal Zapata

Resavoir is a diverse collective of up-and-coming Chicago artists and improvisers led by trumpeter Will Miller.

Best-known as a member of indie band Whitney – Miller flexes his jazz chops on this new project.

The Resavoir 5-member band includes Miller on trumpet, Akenya Seymour on keyboards & vocals, Irvin Pierce on tenor sax, Lane Beckstrom on bass, Peter Manheim on drums & percussion, and Jeremy Cunningham on drums.

Their first single, ‘Escalator’, arrives via International Anthem and features a demo version of the track recorded and produced by Miller in 2014; and an uncut live version recorded last June at the labels Chicago HQ, Co-Prosperity Sphere.

On ‘Escalator’ the band strikes the perfect balance between the group’s sound explorations and ear-catching hooks. It’s a top-notch first effort by a band that is worth paying close attention to.                                                                                                   


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