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London-based trombonist and composer Rosie Turton is the latest emerging artist to head-up on Jazz re:freshed’s popular ‘5ives’ series that launched the likes of Ashley Henry, Triforce, Trope and Nubya Garcia.

Having studied jazz at Trinity College London, she is one of the up and coming voices on the UK jazz scene and has expressed herself through a variety of different musical outlets, from composing and playing with septet Nerija, Where Pathways Meet, Huw Bennet Quintet to recording with Jitwam and Hollie Cook. Exploring the eclectic music scenes of London and New York to the Himalayas of India, Turton’s forthcoming EP is set to showcase her individual and unique voice as a performer, composer and producer.

Recorded at Soup Studios in East London, ‘Rosie Turton’s 5ive’ blends trombone, violin and electronics over a bed of interlocking grooves and soundscapes and explores jazz, hip-hop and Indian classical music. Clearly, it’s a record that demonstrates that she is not afraid to experiment. “The album is a mix of loads of different influences from different musical paths in life I’ve taken”, explains Turton.

Check out Turton’s track by track guide below and listen to the opening track ‘The Unknown’ above.

1. The Unknown
This tune took inspiration from a drum groove I heard when listening back to recordings of a jam I had with a percussionist when in Pushkar, India. I wrote it a few weeks before returning to India for the second time, so had in mind to create a melody and structure that has a similar progression to that a performance of a raga takes, whilst taking influences from modal jazz. It’s about taking a leap of faith, the confusion that lies ahead when you are not sure of what will happen, but there is always light on the other side.

2. The Purge
I wrote this tune about 3 years ago when I first had the idea in mind of starting this project, inspired by the music I was surrounded by at the time.

3. Stolen Ribs
Inspired by the raga Yaman, one of the first ragas I studied with my teacher Aneeta in India. I really felt a connection with the sound of it, so wanted to bring it to the band and let them interpret the scale in their own way. The track was created from two different takes from the recording session, I cut them up and layered different parts over each other. Featuring the beautiful vocals of Luke Newman.

4. Butterfly
The rhythm originated from a beat I made. Butterfly has always been one of my favourite Herbie Hancock tunes, but I didn’t want to do a straight cover of it.

5. Orange Moon
There’s something mystical about the full moon, this was written under the influence of the super blue blood moon of January at the start of this year. Extra synthesiser spice added by Ben Hayes.

Rosie’s 5ive is out on 11/01 – Grab a copy here.

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