A track by track guide to Shhor’s debut album, Cliffside Woman


Twistedsoul - Shhor

Exciting news! Tasmanian vocalist Shhor is set to release her debut album ‘Cliffside Woman’ on November 28th.

The 15-track album was written, recorded, and produced by Shhor across four continents (Australia, Poland, USA, Indonesia, China) using beautiful, natural acoustic spaces, a handheld recording device and a solar-powered recording studio in New Mexico.

The project is described in the press release as “a celebration of voice and of humanness, of healing through making sound, and of releasing your sound to be met by nature (as off a cliff) and those people who resonate with it. “

It’s a gorgeous record where every track takes you through the emotional space of the artist.

With the album out in a few days, we asked Shhor to share her thoughts and give us some deeper insight into each track. Check below and stream one of our favourite cuts from the album ‘Stars and Moon’ above.


1. Set Out
I’ve been inspired by some of my favourite artists (Lauryn Hill, The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill) to do interludes; this one is about beginnings and unknowns.


2. In Front
A family member passed, I saw lots of different ways of grieving, but all we can do is try and be there for each other.


3. I Have A Love
Interlude about longing, being away from a lover.


4. Stars and Moon
Being wistfully thoughtful about someone who is a beautiful mystery to you.


5. Slowly
Recorded completely in a huge cement stairwell. This song is about the process of getting through something rough, the freedom that comes on the other side if you have let go.


An interlude from a blissful place, feeling really loved up.


7. Sage Bush
Falling in love with someone from a completely different geographical place.


8. Lost In You
Interlude. Speaks for itself.


9. All You Are
A love song. An expression of how much your lover means to you and how nobody else could ever be all that they are to you.


10. All Is
Interlude using tribal vocal sounds, a tribute to ancient sound.


11. Why Not Me
The loss of someone, wondering why it was them taken and not yourself. The mysteries of mortality and our differing time frames on earth. This was recorded in a 700-year-old building in Lublin, Poland.


12. How Can I Go On
The depths of feeling when away from a love, not sure when you will meet again.


13. Lullaby
A lullaby for future children.


14. Grow
Emotional growth, so that we can be there as much as possible for ourselves and others.


15. Lament
Interlude. The human need of wanting to make sense of our experience.


‘Cliffside Woman’ is out on November 28th. Order here.


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