Zongamin is back with a new EP after a 13-year break

Twistedsoul ~ ZongaminSusumi Makai aka Zongamin returns after a 13-year hiatus with a new album via Multi Culti this November.

Entitled ‘O’, the long-awaited record collects six tracks that the label describes as “unpredictable in every sense, showcasing a unique virtuosity as a multi-instrumentalist.”

Always the musical explorer the new records stylistically runs from Detroit string-house, futuristic electro, ceremonial flute-jazz, to indie folk-tronica.

Today, we’re treated to a stream of ‘Cosmic Serpent’, a downtempo treat with atmospheric rhythms, searching grooves and featuring Elliot Arndt on flute.

The ‘O’ LP will arrive in both vinyl and digital formats on November 26th. Pre-order your copy here.

Welcome back Susumu Mukai!



1. Nonstop
2. Underwater Paramid
3. Fractal Maze
4. DNA Mutation
5. Cosmic Serpent
6. High Tension

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