Between The Cracks: 5 New Releases You May Have Missed

Twistedsoul: New & Noteworthy AlbumsWith so much good music coming through thick and fast, it’s easy for brand-new music to drop online and go overlooked. To help prevent this, we’ve picked five albums you may have missed. Stream music from Moses Boyd, Web Web, Scott Xylo, Open Mike Eagle and Garies. If you like what you hear, support the artists.


Moses Boyd – Displaced Diaspora

Recorded in 2015 the nine tracks compiled on Displaced Diaspora feature regular collaborators Theon Cross, Nubya Garcia, Zara McFarlane and Nathaniel Cross. Also appearing on the project are singer Terri Walker, saxophonist and bata player Kevin Haynes and his Grupo Eleggua as well as rapper Louis VI. This comes highly recommended.



Web Web – Dance Of The Demons

After their wonderful debut LP „Oracle“ last year, the German jazz – supergroup Web Web come through with an amazing new album called ‘Dance Of The Demons’. Web Web combines modern jazz and traditional Moroccan elements into a warm and vibrant sound. It’s a unique blend quite unlike anything else around – dive in below.



Scott Xlyo – Find Us When U Get There

Leicester-based producer Scott Xylo can do no wrong right now. Find Us When U Get There sees Xlyo blending electronica, afrobeat soul, jazz, hip-hop and psychedelic influences to create both a unique and immersive sound. Standouts include recent singles ‘Ariya’ and the mellow ear floater ‘Hold On’. ‘Mothership Connekt’ is a gorgeous mid-tempo jam featuring the soothing vocals of Catherine Sera to serve as the cherry on top of the cake. ‘Sam’s Jollof’ is a short head-nodding jazz groove that captivates you from start to finish. With a buzz now starting to build, Scott Xylo is an artist worth paying close attention to.



Open Mike Eagle – What Happens When I Try To Relax

Open Mike Eagle’s first release on his new Auto Reverse label. This solid new album is full of relatable rhymes and slick leftfield beats. The album is dark and throughout the project, he tackles his anxieties and aspirations making this listening experience both stimulating and unpredictable. Can’t get enough of this!



Garies – Dull Clunk

The debut full-length release from New Jackson and Lumigraph aka Garies is an eight-track trip running from bittersweet beatdown-ish bits to slow-burn electro to second wave-inspired techno. Our current ‘Album Of The Week’ and definitely not one to be missed!


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