Yoshinori Hayashi to release debut album on Smalltown Supersound

Yoshinori Hayashi to release debut album on Smalltown Supersound.

Tokyo-based producer Yoshinori Hayashi, who’s been releasing music for nearly three years on such noted labels as Going Good Records, Jinn Records, Lovers Rock, Gravity Grafitti and Moscoman’s Disco Halal, will drop his debut album Ambivalence on Smalltown Supersound later this month.

Previous work by Hayashi has been called “a complex patchwork of studio gear, live instruments, dusty jazz records and smartly cut library sounds, whose textures are soft and inviting.

The label describes the album as having a “freeform nature… [with a] cosmic, hypnotic and almost ritualistic approach.”

Before it arrives on October 26nd, take a listen with the record’s lead single Bit Of Garden’.

Tune in below and pre-order the LP here.


  1. Overflow
  2. III Chose
  3. Palanquin Bearing Monkey
  4. Bit Of Garden
  5. Downstream
  6. 0208
  7. Flexible Mono
  8. Spasm
  9. Geckos
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