Hprizm – Asia (Adrenaline) (TS Premiere)

NYC-based composer, producer, and performer Hprizm (aka High Priest, aka Kyle Austin) has announced his new album Magnetic Memory, which will be released on November 23rd via Don Giovanni Records.

The release follows his Detroit, Berlin and Atlantis inspired project BPM, and the dazzling instrumental record Catching a Body.

In constructing Magnetic Memory’s rhythms and atmospheres, Prizm chose to work within the technological constraints of his earliest days as a producer. “Not a lot of gear,” says Prizm. “To make it more basement.”

Composed and recorded throughout last year, Magnetic Memory is guided by Prizm’s desire to reconnect with a more traditional approach to sampling. That is to say, sampling as a primary element of the composition. “History has moved on from seeing sound art as compositional,” he explains. “I wanted to re-embrace that. I thought there was more to say.”

“At my point of entry, you couldn’t do long-form sampling. You had to make something out of 9-12 seconds,” he explains. “Thus, the focus is not on adapting hooks from identifiable songs, but snatching isolated moments to form the basis of instrumentation.”

It’s a pleasure to premiere one of the album’s standout tracks ‘Asia (Adrenaline)’, so press play and enjoy. For those that love real hip-hop this release is essential!




Magnetic Memory is out 23/11 via Don Giovanni Records – pre-order from Bandcamp

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