Elevator East: ‘I Believe In Humanity’ Mix

Elevator I Believe In Humanity MixLooking for somewhere to party?

Over the past year and a half, London’s Elevator East crew have been making a name for themselves in certain audiophile circles. Their eclectic selections span multiple decades and most of the globe, and their parties have a reputation as moveable meccas of funk, jazz, disco, balearic, soul and house music. Elevator East – or Elevator Music as it was known back then – started life as a series of secret parties in East End back rooms, attracting devotees of the more discerning dancefloor who wanted to hear music they’d never experienced before – including the sporadic Elevator Edits – on high-fidelity formats and high-end soundsystems. The venture soon expanded into the live realm, with Elevator Music morphing into Elevator Afro Club. The launch party was a carnival weekend double-bill featuring 15-piece Chilean afrobeat orchestra Newen Afrobeat – met on a digging trip to the southern realms of the Americas – and local party starters London Afrobeat Collective, delivering a night of heavy rhythms at a famed Shoreditch venue deep under the streets.

Folks speak fondly of those heady days, where brass flew abound and lift music came to life in the darkest of surroundings. But not as fondly as they will of this latest string of events. Nowadays the crew operate as Elevator East, throwing all-night parties in hand-picked locations across the East End. The setting always changes, but the ethos stays the same: somewhere in the ascent, global frequencies turn to dancefloor heat, and strings are tied between far-off places. The elevator is a place where moments are made and sweat drips off the brow of the beholder, and so we feel lucky to have been given this exclusive mix from the residents ahead of their next party this Saturday (25th August).

Elevator East will be holding up Hackney Wick’s custom-made White Post soundsystem for a seven-hour b2b2b session this Saturday, featuring all the good times and global heat that those who know have come to expect. There’ll be a BBQ on the outdoor terrace for the afternoon until the party heads inside for a special extended session at nightfall. And best of all, it’s completely free.

You can RSVP to the event here. They say it’s not to be missed.




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