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Twistedsoul - Àbáse

Budapest born and based producer/keyboardist Szabolcs Bognar kicks off his new collaborative jazz project Àbáse with debut single “Skeme Goes All City”.

The base of the track is a tranquil cinematic sounding riverbed of soft and breezy harmonies where mellow flute inflexions, and free-flowing keys are backed by subtle drum patterns and rumbling bass. Over four and a minutes of sublime jazz that floats with effortless flair.

‘Skeme Goes All City’ will be included in Àbáse upcoming debut 7-track project. Speaking of the track, Szabolcs shares…

“We wrote and recorded the track in one improvised studio session back in 2016. I brought the harmonic structure and the main melody and the band built on top of that. Everyone brought something to the table. It was recorded in the oldschool way, all the musicians in the same room, no headphones, no chance for correcting mistakes or editing. Raw. The title is a dedication to the New York graffiti pioneer Skeme and the power of self-expression in Hip Hop culture.”

Àbáse 4-member band includes Szabolcs Bognár on Rhodes, Fanni Zahár on flute & vocals Tamás Heilig on bass and Tamás Czirják on drums.

We’ve had the track on heavy rotation all day, and hopefully we’ll hear more from them soon.


Fanni Zahár – flute, vocals
Szabolcs Bognár – Rhodes
Tamás Heilig – bass
Tamás Czirják – drums


Skeme Goes All City is out now – buy here.


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