Guest Mix: NTOROPI

Guest Mix: NTOROPI

Jayson Alexander aka ‘NTOROPI‘ offers his Twistedsoul guest mix.

The Portuguese based producer-engineer has been on our radar ever since we heard the magical “Leafbody″ a month or so ago.

Having studied Sound Art and & designs he’s worked with animation, music videos, and with film directors. Currently freelancing as a music composer/engineer and a sound artist – his personal works show the range of compositional techniques and soundscape-curating approaches.

For his mix, NTOROPI has put together a very dope mix of influences that inspire him both old and new with contributions from Brian Eno, Radiohead and S.Maharba.

“The mix is my attempt to highlight the lines between ambient music and the genuine Trip-Hop genre – from the Bristol sound. I started it with one of my favourite Brian Eno tracks his Apollo project and ended it with Radiohead’s prolific Kid A LP – with their ambient track that I consider an incredible piece. Akira Yamaoka, Nujabes, and DJ Krush are all Japanese artists/composers. Yamaoka being the main composer from the famous survival-horror game Silent Hill – and has many Trip-Hop elements in his compositions. Tricky, Clams Casino, and s.maharba’s tracks are to highlight experimental and abstract/sample based tracks where I feel show a downtempo and Trip-Hop vibe. The mix is meant to be a mountain figure sense of expression and elements – where the beginning of the mix starts with a chill pace – gradually increases – energetically and sonically peaks – then slopes back down to the another chilled pace. All of these songs really exemplify my saturated and experimental Trip-Hop & ambient style I wish to perform and portray with. As well as the world influences I have accumulated along with my travels and experimental practices sonically.” – NTOROPI

Dive in below.



Brian Eno – Signals
Akira Yamaoka – Different Persons
Tricky – Aftermath’ (Version I)
Clams Casino – Treetop’
S.Maharba – Michelle
Nujabes – Dead Season
Portishead – Strangers
Agent 5.1 – Cake Song
DJ Krush – Final Home’ ft Esthero
Radiohead – Treefingers

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