Emanative shares upbeat spiritual groover featuring Ahu

Emanative - Earth LP

Led by Nick Woodmansey Brit-jazz collective Emanative has announced details of their new album called Earth and will be releasing a new song from the forthcoming project. The track is called ‘New Day’ and features the delightfully vibrant tones of Ahu.

The record follows 2015’s The Light Years Of The Darkness and features a stellar line-up of contributors which includes the likes of Idris Ackamoor, Dele Sosimi, Ben Hadwen, Nat Birchall, Malcolm Catto, Ahu, Sarathy Korwar, Benjamin Page, and more.

The new record encouraged Woodmansey to delve deeper into his spirituality: “When you work with guys like Ahmed and Idris (Ackamoor), spiritual people, their vibe, attitude rubs off on you”, he opines. “I’m not religious, but I am very spiritual: my perspective on life is less materialistic, more humanitarian. It’s important to see both the negative and the positive in life – but a spiritual perspective is inherently positive – you look for the good in things”. Nick’s spirituality is intertwined with his musicianship yet he is quick to point out that “the rest of the band are not necessarily on the same planet as me!”

Soundtracked by an upbeat positive and spiritual groove the new cut is topped off by Ahu’s (so good to hear her again) distinctive vocals. Kick start your day in the right way by pressing play!

Earth will be released on June 22nd through Jazzman Records. You can see the full tracklisting and artwork for it below. Pre-order here.

Emanative - Earth LP


1. Dawn Child (Sunrise)
2. Heaven’s Mirror feat. Idris Ackamoor & David Molina
3. Ìyáàmi feat. Dele Sosimi
4. Spice Routes feat. Nat Birchall
5. Sandhyavandanam
6. Egosystem (Solar Noon)
7. Reflection feat. Nat Birchall & Liz Elensky
9. New Day feat. Ahu
10. Heaven’s Mirror (Reprise)
11. Minute’s To Midnight For This Planet
12. Raga Requiem (Dusk)

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