Album: Wu-Lu – N.A.I.S. (Not As It Seems)

New 4-track EP from Wu-Lu.

South London based producer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist Wu-Lu have released his new EP ’N.A.I.S. (Not As It Seems). It’s his second EP and serves as the follow-up to 2016’s GINGA EP.

The record features the likes of Giles Kwake Bass on drums, vocalists Ego Ella May and Binisa Bonner, as well as the uber-talented Joe Armon Jones on keys. The 4-track project has been teased over the past couple of months with the singles ‘Jayboo’, and ‘Habesha’, but is now available to stream in full below.

’N.A.I.S’ offers a more comprehensive impression into his multi-layered style. His influences stretch out into the worlds of minimal and congested ethereal soundscapes crossed with hard grooves and tight melodies.

On ‘Sailor’ the delicate and haunting vocal of singer-songwriter Binisa Bonner is pitched against layers of dusty lo-fi melodies that seem to build to the brink of disintegration. The next new song, ‘Storms’ builds up dark clouds of intense atmosphere with heavily rhythmic guitar and hard percussion, while whispered vocals pierce through the dense soundscape looking for light.

Let’s hope Wu-Lu treats us to an album worth of musical goodness in the not-too-distant future.

For now, wrap your ears around one of the best EP’s to come out this year so far. Grab ‘N.A.I.S’ from Bandcamp today.                                             

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