Album: Hieroglyphic Being – The Red Notes

 Hieroglyphic BeingChicago electronic futurist Hieroglyphic Being recently shared his new album titled ‘The Red Notes’. Released on Soul Jazz Records the nine-track project – in his own words ‘A homage to the Blue Note Jazz sound of Thelonious Monk, John Coltrane, Herbie Hancock’ fused together with the classic Chicago House and Acid sensibilities of Larry Heard, Armando, Adonis et al, into a newly imagined futuristic and barrier-less musical landscape. Featuring organic and synthetic electronic instrumentation, Hieroglyphic Being here fuses real-time live instrumentation and over-dubbed technologies to dramatic effect, as analogue and electronic worlds collide. Take a listen to it below via Spotify.



The Red Notes is out now via Soul Jazz Records – buy from SOTU.

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