Laura Misch enchants on new single ‘Lagoon’


Laura Misch is a saxophonist/singer/producer from South-East London.

Laura Misch has been relatively quiet regarding her musical output since dropping her debut album Playground early last year. All that changed with the release of her enticing new single called ‘Lagoon’. Rich in detail and with a certain playfulness that weaved through her album. This superb track is exactly what we’ve come to adore about Misch’s music.

Talking about the song Misch had this to say, “Lagoon is a meditation on relationship and environment. When I thought about what type of environment I would like to be for other people, I gravitated towards a lagoon because of its restorative qualities. The world feels so hectic, and the idea that through creativity we can construct alternative realities feels really vital. That’s why I make music because you can construct these sonic environments for people to be transported too. Lagoon is meant to be this big sonic hug.”

The young rising London artist continues to impress. We can’t wait to hear what Misch has in store for us next!

Dive into the laidback groove of ‘Laggon’ below.


Grab the single from Bandcamp.

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