Guest Playlist: Ola Szmidt

Ola Szmidt

York-based singer-songwriter, musician, flautist and producer Ola Szmidt shares her influences playlist for Twistedsoul.

As a multi-faceted musician, her work combines vocal and instrumental improvisations with live looping techniques and self-produced electronics with sound art and song-writing. Ola’s music shifts between Scandinavian and Eastern folk traditions, while including soul, jazz, contemporary classical and ambient practices. She writes and sings in both English and her mother tongue, Polish.

We melted away on listening to her debut project EP1, a six-track offering bearing Szmidt’s trademark loop station and eerie vocals. Grab a copy via Bandcamp.

For her guest playlist, Szmidt has selected 13 tracks from her broad range of influences that include music from Alice Coltrane, Mette Henriette, Jeff Buckley, Joni Mitchell, Cocteau Twins and many more audio delights.

Tune in below.


Ola will be performing live on February 14th at The Old Church, for tickets:

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