The Rewind No 60: Free-Son – Banguelê

Free-Son was composed of 8 musicians, all researchers of Brazilian musical origins. Released in 1971, it’s the rare and only LP for the private imprint Solar Fidelity.

The album “Banguelê” (name given to a dance and rhythm of African slaves) consists of 12 short tracks, that “seek a new musical message, that is essentially ours, that is common to all people and “hotter” than the rhythms of life”, as written in the liner notes. Many styles are present, mixing Latin and African rhythms, samba rock and others such as funk, psychedelic rock and jazz. Almost completely instrumental, very well arranged with killer wah-guitar work, organ and percussion (cuica/tumbadora). Very sought-after and solid record, for fans of Brazilian music, funk, rock and Latin jazz alike.


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CF Smith

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