Album Of The Week: Faizal Ddamba Mostrixx – Tribal Match

Faizal Ddamba Mostrixx

Faizal Ddamba Mostrixx steps up for his debut album and it’s a dazzling 11-track collection of electronic exploration.

Over the cousre of the record Mostrixx crams in so many ideas blending vocals, instruments and samples by Giovani Kremer Kiyingi, Qwela Band Uganda, Nalweyiso, Singing Wells Project, Baka Women, Burundi Chant and Sample Africa.

Track after track he creates a genre bending style that places a unique spin on traditional Ugandan music and sounds like nothing else.

Speaking about his music Mostrixx has this to say, “My music production focus and interest is to give African traditional instruments and organic rhythms a poetic electronic instrumentalism and to tell stories to the world that has never been told before. The motivation behind my work is to preserve and develop African cultural heritage.”

The combination of traditional African music with intricately woven electronic soundscapes makes for a deep and totally engaging listen. And with a run time of just over thirty six mintues it’s an album that will leave listeners wanting more.



Tribal Match is out now – buy from Bandcamp.

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