Mugwisa International Xylophone Group II – Iganga Embaire 12″

Mugwisa International Xylophone Group II - Iganga Embaire 12"

South London label On The Corner has been releasing killer record after killer record and this new project is no exception.

Fresh new recordings of the heavyweight Embaire Xylophone, commanded by village chief Mugwisa recorded and simmered by Sam Jones in Iringa, Uganda.

While the previous Mugwisa release featured electronic constructs and remixes of the acoustic recording sessions this 12″ offers four gritty improvised originals in all their glory.

On remix duties is Diabolical Liberties who conjure up some Ra like frequencies for the cosmic junglist crew. As always the stunning artwork is handled by Victoria Topping.

Check out Iganga Warms and Spirits below and look out for the 12″ coming very soon.

This is very special!


Iganga Embaire 12″ is out on October 20th via¬†On The Corner – Pre-order

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