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Standing On The Corner

We caught wind of this album sometime ago but somehow, we missed out on posting “Standing On The Corner”, but as the saying goes “better late than never.”

The Brooklyn artist takes us on a unique ride through his trippy musings, lo-fi soul and funky psychedelic vibe.

With an evident fondness for jazz, SOTC mixes up a whole heap of different styles, which at times is a little overwhelming but for the most part, he keeps the whole thing coherent and steady.

From the woozy atmospherics of “BNS”, that wander into the slow-motion groove of “In + Out” through to the smooth soul-filled Vomets this is soul music that ventures down wonky avenues where you’ll often find that what you get is pretty much not what you’d expect.

The immense Santa Maria (Dedicated to Chuchita) with its wah-wah beats, hypnotic congas tangled with twisted a dubby vibe and chant like vocals is an excellent example of how SOTC is in a league of his own when it comes to creating dusty, lo-fi soul.

Hit play and wig out to the album below!


Download SOTC here.


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